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Contemplating a Move: Data Strategy for Local TV Campaigns

An optimized television campaign requires not just information, but also a data strategy crafted to make sure the right insights are applied.


Blockchain in Advertising Mends the Weakest Link: Secure Data Sharing

Blockchain in advertising could be a way to allow for secure sharing of nonpersonal data in a trusted environment, allowing further growth in programmatic.


How Third-Party Data Strengthens Ad Campaigns

Third-party data is pushing the world of TV measurement over the threshold of immense change, helping local advertisers make the most of their inventory.


How Target’s Retail Advertising Hits the Mark

Target is leading the industry in programmatic, but other companies aren’t far behind. We take a look at new technologies in retail advertising.


Target’s In-House Programmatic Platform Hits the Bullseye

In-house programmatic is taking big brands by storm. Target has figured out a successful strategy by blending its DMP with DSP partners.