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Ad Relevance and Automation: What Do the Stats Say?

Adobe said 49 percent of US internet users find ad relevance in linear TV—not digital video. Does this mean programmatic isn’t working? We explain.


Digital Advertising Platforms vs. Traditional Channels: Know When and How to Choose

The modern marketer needs to understand which digital advertising platforms and traditional channels are right for their goals.


With Programmatic Advertising Growth, How Will Sales Team Structures Change?

Digital programmatic advertising growth has brought integration of direct sales and programmatic sales functions. Here’s what this means for local TV.


Cross-Platform Marketing Is No Longer Just for New Brands

Now that 74 percent of households have either a smart TV or a connected TV, cross-platform marketing is a must.


Are Advertising Promises the Future of TV?

One television network is betting it can make—and keep—advertising promises to truly deliver.