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What Does ATSC 3.0 Mean for Local Stations?

ATSC 3.0 supports better pictures and audio—but the real value to broadcasters will be its audience targeting and measurement capabilities.


Today’s TV Network Deal: Discovery Communications Buys Scripps for $14.6 Billion

In a huge TV network deal, Discovery Communications purchased Scripps Networks for $14.6 billion. What does that mean for media buyers?


Innovation Congress 2017: A Wealth of “Bad” Ideas

Social Fresh’s recent Innovation Congress 2017 offered insights into future trends. We have the most important themes for TV advertisers.


What Is the Future of Pay TV?

Pay TV, or TV programming paid for by the show or the month, is struggling to keep subscribers. What does this mean for TV advertisers?


Why Advertising on Broadcast TV Is Still Powering Your ROI

Despite the warnings of the more digitally minded, advertising on broadcast TV is still going strong, providing solid content and huge audiences.