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TVB Forward 2017: In a Drifting Landscape, Local Plunges Ahead

The recent TVB Forward 2017 event discussed the importance of local television and its ability to adapt to an increasingly digitized ecosystem.


Television Week 2017: Linear TV Finds Its Footing in the New Media World

How can linear TV adapt to an increasingly programmatic world? Television Week 2017 yielded some interesting—and useful—insights.


Broadcast Television: Another Technology Able to Adapt

What some are calling the end of broadcast television is really an evolution, thanks to data-driven insights and advancements in technology.


Blockchain in Advertising Mends the Weakest Link: Secure Data Sharing

Blockchain in advertising could be a way to allow for secure sharing of nonpersonal data in a trusted environment, allowing further growth in programmatic.


What Does ATSC 3.0 Mean for Local Stations?

ATSC 3.0 supports better pictures and audio—but the real value to broadcasters will be its audience targeting and measurement capabilities.