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How Third-Party Data Strengthens Ad Campaigns

Third-party data is pushing the world of TV measurement over the threshold of immense change, helping local advertisers make the most of their inventory.


Multiple System Operators Bridge the Gap to Local Ads

To keep up with changing consumer behaviors, marketers need to get closer to the consumer. Multiple system operators can help.


Designated Market Areas: The Swiss Army Knife of Media Buys

DMAs, or Designated Market Areas, can serve many purposes for advertisers looking to improve their audience targeting capabilities.


Why Even the Most Iconic Brands Are Leveraging Local TV

Iconic brands often steer clear of television, but this year Tiffany & Co. launched its first ever Super Bowl spot, leveraging the reach of local markets.


24-Hour TV Advertising: Finding the Right Place and the Right Time for Your Campaign

The phenomenon of 24-hour TV, by now well known, poses both opportunities and challenges for advertisers looking to reach the right audiences.