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Original Content Surges Ahead on OTT—Where’s Traditional TV?

Over-the-top (OTT) content providers like Netflix and Hulu are winning viewers over thanks to their original content. Traditional TV should pay attention.


Solving the TV Data Puzzle With Broadcast

TV data has at times struggled to keep up with an evolving tech industry. But not anymore, thanks to broad data sets and automated TV.


Measuring TV Viewership in an On-Demand World

TV viewership is tricky to measure in the age of streaming and time-shifted viewing across multiple devices.


OTT Advertising Integrates With TV Ads

Hulu’s partnership with STRATA illustrates how OTT advertising is beginning to converge with linear TV advertising. Add programmatic buying for a win.


The Evolution of Television Is Moving Advertising Forward

The evolution of television hasn’t slowed, and with it the advertising industry is changing, too. Today’s advertisers have more ways to spend their ad…