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What Can the Latest Television Viewer Statistics Teach Us?

If the latest television viewer statistics are any indication, satellite providers might not fare too well this year. So what can broadcast TV learn?


Breaking Up With Binge Watching: What It Means for TV

Though extremely popular in recent years, binge watching may be reaching something of a plateau. What does this mean for TV?


Why Does YouTube TV Look So Familiar?

Google recently announced its plans to release YouTube TV, the latest in a lineup of online streaming TV services. But what’s really changed?


With US Audiences, Slow TV Steams Ahead

Slow TV has now become a phenomenon in the U.S. as well as Europe. How can local station groups take advantage of this opportunity?


Designated Market Areas: The Swiss Army Knife of Media Buys

DMAs, or Designated Market Areas, can serve many purposes for advertisers looking to improve their audience targeting capabilities.