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Data-Driven, Audience-Based Buying and Beyond: ARF ConsumerxScience 2018

This year’s ARF conference covered data-fueled audience-based buying and the ethical boundaries of scientific data usage in customer targeting.


When Is the Right Time to Try Automated Buying? How About Now.

  “We’re just not ready yet.” That’s probably the most common response I hear when I talk to local TV ad salespeople about why they’re not upgrading to automated buying and selling. My response is always the same, “I understand that it feels like a big step, but pretty soon you might not have a […]


Event-Specific Advertising: How Brands Make the Most of Televised Events

With everyone hanging up their derby hats, it’s a good time to reflect on the importance of event-specific advertising for brands.


The Case for Hometown Television

In recent years we have seen monumental changes in the television industry: new distribution alternatives, sophisticated targeted advertising and dramatically new business models. But through all that we often ignore the ongoing impact of local “hometown” television. That’s easy to understand, because hometown television is ubiquitous. Hometown television is everywhere, all the time. Hometown television literally […]


There’s Nothing Scary About Automation

Every so often a word captures the industry’s collective imagination and takes off, with every company claiming to have some version of it. Right now “AI” (artificial intelligence”) has that distinction, though truth be told, for many of the companies claiming to utilize  “AI” the actual meaning is “we use more than one algorithm in […]