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Trust in Advertising: Where Does Traditional TV Stand?

There are many challenges facing advertisers today, but trust in advertising trumps them all. Here’s a look at the state of trust in TV advertising today.


Quality Advertising on Targeted TV: 3 Crucial Elements

Consider these three elements of quality advertising for better ROI as you develop targeted television commercials.


Customer Loyalty Marketing: What TV Stations Need to Know

Customer loyalty marketing—even more than customer satisfaction—is the key to success for local TV stations. Here are tips for what stations should do.


What Do TV Advertising Revenue Stats Mean? It’s Complicated

TV advertising revenue: going up or going down? It’s complicated. If you’re a media planner or buyer, here’s what you need to understand about these stats.


Brand Response Advertising on TV? Yes, You Can

Smart advertisers make TV ad dollars work harder with brand response advertising. Find out how to pull this off like Geico and other top brands.