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A Look to the Past: The Evolving Relationship of TV Networks and Station Groups

Here we take a look at TV networks and station groups’ 70-year relationship and whether its still relevant in the digital age.


New Change Management Study from Videa Reveals Opportunity for Automation

People don’t always like change. Whether it’s a new brand of coffee in the cafeteria or a new technology for their workflow, getting people over that initial hump is not always easy, even when they know that ultimately, that change is going to be for the best. That was the high-level takeaway when I read […]


When It Comes To TV, Bigger Is Better

One of the advantages television has over other media is its reach. No other medium allows you to get your show or your advertising message in front of millions of people, all at the same time. But more than that, television feels “big.” TV shows feel like major events, like theater. There’s a gravitas to […]


Change Management in an Industry That Thrives on Change

In a recent LinkedIn Pulse article, I wrote about changing business DNA. Business DNA is that cluster of behavior and experience that dictates much for what corporations do, and more importantly, how successful they are at doing it. In my 4-plus decades in the cable and television industry, I have endured, managed and instigated quite of […]


Addressable TV Advertising for Local Broadcasting: We’re Getting Closer

For marketers and advertisers, addressable TV advertising seems more attainable than ever, but is it the right strategy for you?