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Beyond the Tube: How Local TV Stations Are Using Mobile to Reach Millennials

To reach millennials and mobile users, local TV stations can launch new mobile brands or partner with start-ups. Check out Localish and Didja for ideas.


How Geotargeted TV Advertising Can Energize Local TV Business

We define geotargeted TV advertising and explain what it means for buyers and sellers.


The Local TV Station-Viewer Relationship: 5 Ways Technology Will Sustain and Grow an Already Strong Connection

Here are five ways technology-driven change can sustain and grow the already-strong local TV station-viewer relationship.


The Fate of Sweeps Week: Is It Finally Over?

Television stations and the media are still obsessed with Sweeps Week. But, with changes in Nielsen ratings, is it still necessary?


Dynamic Ad Insertion (Part 2): What It Means for Local TV Advertising

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is technology that works with both live linear and Video on Demand (VOD) delivery formats. This is great news for local TV.