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Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) Part 1: Definition and Industry Update

What is Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)? We explain how this video ad technology works to address different ads to different viewers.


Is Automotive Advertising Running Out of Gas?

With Ford’s cut in ad budget, advertisers may be concerned about the TV-automaker relationship. We explore the state of automotive advertising.


What Is ATSC 3.0: The Latest Updates on the New Standard

What is ATSC 3.0? Though it promises to revolutionize local TV, it is taking a long time to implement. Can we afford to be patient?


Unlocking the Power of Syndicated TV Shows

Syndicated TV may not be glamorous, but it can be a powerful tool for media buyers—if you know what to buy.


You Have to Fight Scale with Scale

The other day I sounded off on LinkedIn about some of my key findings from the TVB Forward conference in New York on Sept. 27. I was there as a guest of Videa, and my eyes were opened about the large-scale trends in the local broadcast television ecosystem. I am, admittedly, a fan of scale […]