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Contemplating a Move: Data Strategy for Local TV Campaigns

An optimized television campaign requires not just information, but also a data strategy crafted to make sure the right insights are applied.


Today’s TV Network Deal: Discovery Communications Buys Scripps for $14.6 Billion

In a huge TV network deal, Discovery Communications purchased Scripps Networks for $14.6 billion. What does that mean for media buyers?


5 Reasons to Anchor Omnichannel Campaigns With TV

Even in 2017, TV-centric omnichannel campaigns work best for advertisers in search of the greatest overall lift. Here are five reasons why.


Taking on TV’s Summer Marketing Slump

TV ratings haven’t been great so far this year, and the summer looks uncertain. So how can TV advertisers survive the summer marketing slump?


Why Advertising on Broadcast TV Is Still Powering Your ROI

Despite the warnings of the more digitally minded, advertising on broadcast TV is still going strong, providing solid content and huge audiences.