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Use Ratings Research to Rise Above Viewership Waves

The fracturing of broadcast news audiences complicates ratings research, but it demonstrates the benefits automated TV buying offers smart advertisers.


Your TV Update: New TV Shows Spinning Off Old Favorites and the Savvy Advertisers Who Should Jump on the Bandwagon

New TV shows, or spinoffs of old successes? Or both? Taking a look at midseason premieres, their likely audiences, and what advertisers should focus on.


Valentine’s Day Advertising’s Yearly Date With TV

Brands from every industry can use Valentine’s Day advertising on TV to reach everyone from confirmed bachelors to the happily married.


4 Reasons We Love Local Media (and You Should Too)

Local media has a certain charm that makes it an attractive outlet for advertising—and, thanks to automated buying, it offers better targeting.


Live Musicals Get a Standing Ovation From Broadcasters and Advertisers

Find out why live musicals on networks like NBC are a big draw for broadcasters, advertisers, and viewers alike.