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The Evolution of Television Is Moving Advertising Forward

The evolution of television hasn’t slowed, and with it the advertising industry is changing, too. Today’s advertisers have more ways to spend their ad…


BIMA Evolution of TV Recap with Brett Adamczyk

Videa’s VP Brett Adamczyk participated at BIMA Evolution of TV, highlighting the current challenges and future growth of data-driven television.


Cross-Screen Advertising: No Longer One Size Fits All

In the past, much has been said about omnichannel marketing and cross-screen advertising. But now, cross screen no longer means one size fits all.


Benefits of Programmatic Advertising for Consumers

The benefits of programmatic advertising for advertisers and station groups are frequently discussed, but what about the audience, or the consumer?


A Programmatic Super Bowl in a Digital World

We may live in a digital world, but programmatic Super Bowl buys are an example of television advertising’s staying power.