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It’s a Political TV Ad Season Like No Other: Are We Ready?

In 1995, then Speaker of the House Thomas P. O’Neill (aka “Tip” O’Neill) published “All Politics is Local – and Other Rules of the Game.” And while the political establishment has certainly internalized and adopted Tip’s wisdom, we may not have fully realized the opportunity for local television political advertising. Before we dig into that, […]


The Future of Nonprofit Advertising: Tapping Into Data

The future of nonprofit advertising looks a lot like recent political advertising.


Convention Sponsors: Brands Cast Their Votes—or Not

Convention sponsors are weighing the pros and cons of associating their brands with the RNC and DNC.


What GOP Ads Can Teach the TV Industry

This year the RNC is spending an unprecedented amount on digital GOP ads.


Political Ads Will Target Cord Cutters

Political ads usually mean TV advertising, but more Americans are now watching video on non-TV devices.