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What Transparency in Political Ads Means for Local Broadcasters

The push for transparency in political ads after recent digital scandals could have consequences for advertising budgets leading up to the 2018 elections.


Why We Need Local Political TV Ads

Local political TV ads have separated themselves from the controversy of online ads—but how? Read on to learn why advertisers prefer local ads.


Local TV Ad Spend to Win Gold From the Olympics—and the Elections

BIA/Kelsey predicts the local TV ad spend will amount to $20.8 billion in revenue in 2018—aided by the elections, the Olympics, and the Super Bowl.


Ad Transparency: Where Facebook Failed, Linear TV Can Lead

Facebook is attempting to improve its ad transparency, much as is already the case with traditional media. How can linear TV stay ahead of the game?


Earned Media Is Cutting Into Political Ad Spend

Based on real-time insights, ad spend and marketing investments have changed during this year’s election season—proving earned media is priceless.