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Programmatic’s Dirty Little Secret

Ad exchanges are ditching the term “programmatic” from their boilerplates, but programmatic advertising just is trying to make media buying smarter.


Programmatic Audio Set to Make Sweet Sounds for Advertisers

Programmatic audio is music to everyone’s ears, especially the buyers and sellers of advertising.


Cross-Platform Advertising: Increasing Your Reach With a Unified Strategy

The variety of platforms available to today’s brands has given birth to a new need: cross-platform advertising, a strategy that promotes unified messaging.


How Audience Targeting Information Helps Advertisers and Broadcasters

Thanks to troves of consumer data and new technologies for managing inventory, television planners are able to improve audience targeting.


Programmatic Advertising Set to Drive TV Buys, But What’s Under the Hood?

Programmatic advertising technology is quickly advancing to meet the needs of forward-thinking ad buyers and sellers, but what’s really under the hood?