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Streaming Gets Hype—but Linear Broadcast Gets Views

Streaming and cable shows may have prestige, but relatively few watch them. Linear broadcast TV continues to offer advertisers huge audiences and reach.


What’s Keeping Addressable Television From the Local Level?

Addressable television is growing, but why isn’t it scaling up faster? And what can local TV sellers do to accommodate the trend?


TV Ad Tech’s Self-Service Opportunities—and Advantages

Self-service TV ad tech is designed to appeal to the needs of media buyers and facilitate the relationships inherent in TV advertising.


Why Automated Guaranteed TV Buying Does Not Equal Programmatic

Automated guaranteed TV buying does not equal programmatic. Rather, it’s a certain type of programmatic TV that works well for local advertising.


Where Did the Ad Spend Go? Local TV Buying From a 2017 Upfront Perspective

Reviewing the 2017 national TV upfronts can provide us a deeper understanding of how the local TV buying space is changing.