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Digital Political Ads: Blockbuster Year Good News for Programmatic

Digital political ads are expected to make a big jump this year due to the efficacy of targeting.


Verizon Acquisition of Yahoo Gives Telco a Programmatic Trifecta

Verizon acquisition of Yahoo added to prior purchase of AOL will give telco a strong presence in mobile video and advertising.


How to Implement Addressable TV: Advice From the Experts

Addressable TV has become a way to make advertiser messages more relevant to viewers by better targeting.


Where Was TV Programmatic at Cannes?

You may not have expected a discussion of data and programmatic at Cannes, but there are programmatic solutions that can help creative.


The Set-Top Box Data Revolution Will Be Televised

The set-top box was once thought of as only a content distributor, but is now an important contributor of tuning data.