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Let Television Do What It Does Best

At the recent MediaPost TV & Video Insider Summit, one speaker said, “We are in a war for the consumers’ attention.” In the Q&A after the panel, I suggested to the speaker, “It sounds like you are in a war WITH the consumers for their attention. Is that really your position?” At which point the speaker backed […]


Why TV Security Is Good News for Consumer Privacy

While the digital ad industry still grapples with consumer privacy, the public can count on TV security even with addressable advertising.


The TV Show Reboot: A Good Play for Advertisers?

Audiences love the TV show reboot—at least in theory. Can advertisers count on viewer loyalty?


Why Passive Entertainment Is a Smart Ad Buy

Passive entertainment, like passively viewing TV ads, can still have an effect on audiences.


The Value of Traditional TV in a World of Binge Watching

Think binge watching is the future? Week-to-week traditional TV still has value for viewers and for advertisers.