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Television Measurement in the Purchase Funnel: TVB Study Highlights

Television measurement is still a key component of successful advertising throughout the sales funnel, from awareness through intent and purchase.


Why Emotional Storytelling Will Allow TV to Thrive

Effective advertising hinges on emotional storytelling, and it’s often more difficult for advertisers to connect over digital news feeds than through TV.


TV Takes a Stance: Emmy Nominations for Outstanding Commercial

This year’s Emmy nominations for Outstanding Commerical take a decided turn for the social, including commentary on the past year’s biggest events.


Today’s TV Network Deal: Discovery Communications Buys Scripps for $14.6 Billion

In a huge TV network deal, Discovery Communications purchased Scripps Networks for $14.6 billion. What does that mean for media buyers?


What Is the Future of Pay TV?

Pay TV, or TV programming paid for by the show or the month, is struggling to keep subscribers. What does this mean for TV advertisers?