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From Awareness to Action: The Change Leadership Challenge

Seeing the need to change rarely results in people, organizations, or even industries taking action unless a crisis forces them to do so. Blockbuster didn’t offer a DVD-by-mail service until Netflix posed a legitimate danger. Kodak held on to its traditional film business even though it invented digital photography technology and could have dominated a […]


Is it Advertising?

If you are reading this, you are probably in the television business. Ask somebody watching “House of Cards” on Netflix on their living room TV, “Are you watching television now?” and they are most likely to say “yes.” Ask the same question to that same person sitting in Starbucks watching “House of Cards” on their mobile […]


Creating Compelling Advertisements: Don’t Lose Sight of the Foundational Elements

Today’s advertiser has a litany of roles. But her most important job? Creating compelling advertisements.


TV Advertising Metrics Tell Only Some of the Story: Predicting Ahead of the Numbers

Deciding where to spend your ad dollars isn’t limited to TV advertising metrics. Try analyzing trends and cultural movements—here’s how.


TV Audience Measurement: Takeaways from ARF’s AudiencexScience 2018

Industry players weigh in on the challenges of standardizing TV audience measurement, especially across platforms, at the 2018 AudiencexScience conference.