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Advertising to Kids Gets More Complicated

Advertising to kids has changed in the digital age. Now there are more options for parents and advertisers.


Live TV: Prime Opportunity for Advertisers

GE spends most of its TV budget on live programming. Find out why live TV delivers ad effectiveness and how programmatic could improve it.


2016: Return of the Upfronts?

For the past two years, a soft TV market has predicted the demise of the cable network upfronts. But the upfronts are proving resilient.


Advertising Terminology: A Primer for the Uninitiated or Confused

Advertisers must learn all the new and ever-evolving advertising terminology for digital and TV.


Media Consumption in 2016: The Omnichannel Experience

Audiences aren’t changing what they watch, what’s changing is the way they consume content. Omnichannel is becoming the only channel for media consumption.