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Where Did the Ad Spend Go? Local TV Buying From a 2017 Upfront Perspective

Reviewing the 2017 national TV upfronts can provide us a deeper understanding of how the local TV buying space is changing.


Upfronts 2017: Safety for the Road Ahead

The 2017 upfronts have come and gone, and a few trends were noticeable throughout many of the networks’ presentations. Here are our key takeaways.


Upfronts 2017: Data, Data, Data

Upfronts of the past few years have focused heavily on data, and 2017 is set to continue the trend. This is good news for automated TV buying.


Maybe NewFronts Aren’t That Different After All

The NewFronts are important as more viewers consume OTT content.


2016: Return of the Upfronts?

For the past two years, a soft TV market has predicted the demise of the cable network upfronts. But the upfronts are proving resilient.